Check Out This Shotgun Silencer That Actually Works

The Cohen Brothers hit No Country For Old Men featured one of the best villains in modern times played by bowl cut wearing Javier Berdem. As a hitman, his weapons of choice were a cattle killing air compressor and a shotgun with a suppressor. After much internet debate as to such a suppressor's size and effectiveness,… » 7/23/14 5:26pm Yesterday 5:26pm

Watch An Active Protection System Destroy An RPG Fired At Israeli Tank

We have discussed Active Protection Systems many times before, but it is another thing seeing one work operationally. The video below depicts a Merkava IV tank being fired on in Gaza by an RPG, with Trophy intercepting and destroying the explosive projectile before it could plow through the tank's side armor. » 7/23/14 1:15pm Yesterday 1:15pm

Two Ukrainian Attack Jets Reportedly Shot Down Over Rebel-Held Area

Two Ukrainian Su-25 attack jets were reportedly shot down over a rebel-controlled area in Eastern Ukraine early today, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. The jets were returning from a mission near the town of Dmytrivka when they were struck by anti-aircraft missiles. » 7/23/14 10:08am Yesterday 10:08am

Seeing real US Navy SEALs moving underwater is way cooler than any movie

This isn't a trailer for the next Tom Clancy movie. These are real U.S. Navy SEALs showing how they get into enemy territory from the sea. They get deployed in a mini-sub launched from a nuclear submarine. Then they get out as they approach the shore at night, ready to complete their mission. » 7/23/14 12:26am Yesterday 12:26am

Godspeed, Robert F. Courter, Jr., (1925-2013), The Man Who Had the…

Only one man flew BOTH of the devices you see on the left: the Jet Belt and the Rocket Belt. He passed away recently and it is only fitting that we pause for a moment to reflect on the remarkable career and life of Robert F. Courter, Jr, the man who had the coolest job on Earth. » 7/22/14 11:13pm Tuesday 11:13pm

How Raw Data Can Explain A Big Part Of The Current Gaza Conflict

War is still raging in Gaza and Israel, and right now, it looks like it can only get worse as each attempted ceasefire begins and is promptly discarded. Scores are dying, many of them civilians. But how many are civilians? How can we find out? The answer we found is far different from the official one. » 7/22/14 8:00pm Tuesday 8:00pm

Gaza Rockets & Missile Countermeasures: Warzone Flying Is Dangerous

After a rocket fired from Gaza landed near Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International Airport, US Airways, Delta and United have all cancelled flights into Israel, with one aircraft diverting mid-flight to Paris. The events of last week have reminded carriers just how deadly flying even high above an embattled areas can be. » 7/22/14 3:50pm Tuesday 3:50pm

Ron Paul's MH17 Theories Are Crazy Even for Ron Paul

If Ron Paul never runs for president again, he can always get an anchor gig on RT. The patriotic American's latest "Texas Straight Talk" column is a Putin paean to all the ways in which the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was America's fault. » 7/21/14 6:59pm Monday 6:59pm

Watch This Guy Haul Off One Of MH17's Black Boxes

It's amazing how much candid video we are getting out of a rebel controlled rural war zone in Eastern Ukraine. In the video below, we see a guy cart off one of MH17s Black Boxes. » 7/20/14 7:13pm Sunday 7:13pm

Battle For Tripoli's International Airport Rages On, A330 In Flames

The nearly week-long battle for Tripoli's International Airport continues on, and sadly, a very new $225M Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 has been the latest aircraft victim of the shelling. The fighting is between an Islamist Militia and a more moderate one that originates from the western city of Zintan that currently… » 7/20/14 5:33pm Sunday 5:33pm

Friendly Chopper Pilot Plucks R/C Aircraft From Tree, Gives Back To Kid

Tension has been rising between the remote controlled aircraft community and mainstream aviation. With the consumer "drone" market exploding in recent years, even the FAA is having trouble figuring out exactly how to regulate the situation. So it is nice to see that some pilots still remember what it is like wishing… » 7/20/14 2:25pm Sunday 2:25pm

Armed Ukraine Rebels Seize Control Of Bodies At MH17 Crash Site

Though rebels in eastern Ukraine were warned not to tamper with the evidence at the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash site, U.S. officials report the rebels have seized control of the bodies recovered from the downed plane. » 7/20/14 11:29am Sunday 11:29am

Why Boeing's Design For A 747 Full Of Cruise Missiles Makes Total Sense

After the Carter Administration's cancellation of the B-1A program due to fiscal concerns, the rise of air-launched cruise missiles and the possibility of developing a stealth bomber, Boeing put forward a low-risk, relatively cheap, cruise missile delivery vehicle alternative based on the mighty 747. It was called the… » 7/19/14 2:05pm Saturday 2:05pm

MH17 Was Barely Above Restricted Airspace When It Was Shot Down

Many people are asking: What was an airliner doing flying over a war zone? This is a valid question considering that many aircraft have been shot down over Ukraine recently and it was known that pro-Russian forces had recently seized advanced SAMs. Technically, MH17 was flying where it was supposed to, which indicates… » 7/18/14 12:29pm Friday 12:29pm