Cleaning Out A KC-135 Stratotanker's Fuel Tanks Is The Job Of Nightmares

Somehow I missed this Dirty Jobs and I am kinda glad I did quite honestly. In this episode, Mike Rowe, the hardest working man in show business, learns what it takes to maintain the KC-135 Stratotanker's ancient central fuel tanks. Let's just put it this way, if you are claustrophobic, go get a brown paper bag. » 1/25/15 4:15pm Today 4:15pm

Watch How NASA Beautifully Visualized Airflow Over Years Of Flight Tests

This jaw dropping video spans many decades of NASA flight testing which is cool in itself, but the fact that it concentrates on clips where the normally unseen movement of air is documented makes it downright wondrous. It also acts as a strong reminder of just what the first 'A' stands for in NASA. » 1/24/15 4:00pm Yesterday 4:00pm

The Oldest Active Navy Ship Is A Century Old Russian Submarine Tender

For what it lacks in beauty it sure makes up for it in character, Russia's 100 year old Kommuna is the world's oldest active naval vessel. Launched as a submarine tender back 1915, this pre-Bolshevik Revolution relic continues to serve as a salvage ship and midget sub tender as part of Russia's Black Sea Fleet. » 1/24/15 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm

This Is What It's Like To Get Intercepted By A Russian Fighter Jet

Russian intercepts of Western signal intelligence aircraft isn't anything new. It's been happening going back to the Cold War, and there have even been minor diplomatic incidents over it. But this is a video of it actually happening with an Su-27 fighter jet and a Portuguese P-3 Orion, and it's incredibly tense. » 1/23/15 5:33pm Friday 5:33pm

US Navy Looking To Arm Its Logistics Ships With Missiles And Commandos 

Under budgetary pressure, the Navy is putting forward an incredibly logical concept called "Distributed Lethality," under which it could add more weapons and combat capabilities to existing combat ships, as well as to ones that have never had any offensive capabilities at all. » 1/23/15 3:55pm Friday 3:55pm

The 10 Greatest Tank Battles In Military History

Ever since the first armored vehicles crawled across the tortured battlescapes of World War I, tanks have become an indelible fixture of land warfare. Many tank-on-tank engagements have occurred over the years, some more significant — and epic — than others. Here are 10 you need to know about. » 1/23/15 2:25pm Friday 2:25pm

Let The 'Sumos' Show You All The Amazing Crap They Do In Their KC-130Js

Located at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in the Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan, VMGR-152 sits as the most forward deployed KC-130 Hercules unit in the entire USMC. Because of their location and the incredible versatility of the KC-130J Super Hercules, one day they can be delivering humanitarian aid to a tiny island… » 1/22/15 5:15pm Thursday 5:15pm

This Crazy Complex In Jordan Is Like Disneyland For Elite Special Forces

On May 20th, 2009 Jordan's King Abdullah officially opened the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC), a facility set against a dramatic pocketed plateau on the northern outskirts of Amman. It is called the most advanced special operations training complex in the world and it looks like a life-sized » 1/22/15 3:00pm Thursday 3:00pm

Putin Is Bored With His ATV-Riding Android Toy

Russia has been on a tear to get new robotic combat capabilities up and running, with big goals slated for its air forces and its ground forces, some of which are already online, including the tracked 'Platform-M.' Yet this gangly, ATV-riding patrol bot isn't exactly setting Russia's hunter-in-chief's heart on fire. » 1/21/15 6:13pm Wednesday 6:13pm

The Idaho Government Once Forced Beavers to Skydive With WWII Parachutes

"The Saga of the Skydiving Beavers" sounds like the title for a quirky children's book, but it's also a fitting epitaph for a strange, true story of an unconventional approach to habitat resettlement. In 1948, Idaho's Fish and Game service decided the best way to keep beavers away from growing urban centers was to… » 1/20/15 1:00pm Tuesday 1:00pm

Israeli AG Rules They Can't Kill Their Own Soldiers To Prevent Capture

One of the worst conundrums facing modern militaries engaged in asymmetrical warfare is what to do in the event that one of your soldiers was captured. For decades, the Israeli Defense Forces have relied on a still-classified and highly controversial method known as the "Hannibal Protocol." And now a large part of it… » 1/19/15 4:35pm 1/19/15 4:35pm

100 Stunning Photos Of The US Air Force Operating Around Japan

The United States Air Force has had a strong presence in Japan since the service's founding. Today, USAF operations are centralized among three major air bases in that country: Misawa Air Base in the northern Japan, Yokota Air Base in central Japan, and the sprawling Kadena Air Base on the southern Japanese island of… » 1/19/15 1:15pm 1/19/15 1:15pm

Iowa Class Battleships Are The Widest Ships To Ever Use The Panama Canal

Now that's a tight fit! The image above depicts the decommissioned USS Iowa's final transit through the Panama Canal on March 28, 2001. The Iowa Class Battleships were the widest ships to ever traverse the canals, with a beam of 108 feet against the canal's width of just 110 feet, leaving only inches to spare on… » 1/18/15 1:01pm 1/18/15 1:01pm

Lightning Strikes Back: This Is All The Crap The F-35 Can Use By 2017

This wicked shot, courtesy of Lockheed Martin, shows the F-35 Lightning with all of the weapons that will be tested under aircraft's Systems Development and Demonstration Weapons Suite. This represents a baseline capability that will be expanded with other weapons once the jet is fully operational towards the end of… » 1/16/15 5:49pm 1/16/15 5:49pm

The B-52 Is Becoming A Terrifyingly Intelligent Smart Weapons Truck 

The B-52 has only been able to carry smart weapons on its external pylons, with its internal weapons bay being relegated to nuclear and dumb bombs, as well as some older cruise missiles. Now, the iconic 60 year old Stratofortress is finally getting a new 'smart' rotary weapons rack and other upgrades that will more… » 1/16/15 3:45pm 1/16/15 3:45pm

No, No One Attacked The Aircraft Carrier USS George Washington

Someone just hacked into the New York Post and UPI Twitter feeds, claiming that China attacked the American Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington. It isn't true (so far as we know), but by and large one of the better hacks we've seen. » 1/16/15 1:09pm 1/16/15 1:09pm

Navy To Call Embattled Littoral Combat Ships Frigates Because Marketing 

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus thinks that the Littoral Combat Ships are so 'misunderstood,' not for the litany of documented issues, including the ship's lacks offensive punch, inability defend itself against any robust aerial threat, the fact that it is way behind schedule and has major quality issues or that it is not… » 1/15/15 5:05pm 1/15/15 5:05pm

The Future Of Aerial Refueling Includes Stabilized Drogues And No Humans

Aerial tankers can fuel up hungry jets, turboprops and even helicopters equipped with a refueling probe by trailing a hose and drogue behind them. In smooth air, such a mating dance can be a challenge, in rough air and bad visibility it can become downright scary. A new 'smart drogue' system in development may finally… » 1/15/15 12:35pm 1/15/15 12:35pm