Mil Porn: Canyon, Or Should I Say Crevice Flying In A Hellenic AF F-4

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A view through the front windscreen and HUD of a Hellenic AF F-4E as it transitions down a very tight canyon with a pretty serious obstacle ahead! If you look at the HUD it shows that the Phantom doing 358kts and according to the flight path indicator (little circle with wings) that the aircraft is currently on the path to crest the bridge mere feet above its upper deck.


Imagine a driver leisurely driving to work when in a flash a gnarly old F-4 pops up out of a slot canyon, leaps over a bridge in front of him with mere feet to spare, and plunges back down again out of site. Could there be anything more awesome?

Then again this intrepid F-4 driver could opt to take the "low route" below the bridge the moment after this shot was captured. In which case the aforementioned driver would probably see nothing, although that canyon he is driving over, filled with the earsplitting thunder of twin afterburning J-79s, would sound like it just awoke and is about to swallow him up.


The Hellenic Air Force's Phantom crews are notorious for flying their low-level antics:

Photo & video credit: brave Hellenic Air Force Phantom Drivers & Weapon Systems Officers!

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A friend of mine and I flew thru there once. I was like "We're going in full throttle." And he was like "At that speed will you be able to pull out in time?" And then I was like "It'll be just like Beggar's Canyon back home." We made it.