Russia Just 'Invaded' Ukraine With Mysterious 'Aid' Trucks

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Things are continuing to get weird on the Russian/Ukrainian border as Ukrainian and NATO forces are claiming that Russian artillery is actively shelling positions and the magical mystery aid convoy we reported on earlier just blew through the border. Classic Putin.

What we do know for sure is that those 200 or so trucks that were on the border waiting to cross into Ukraine to "aid" people in war-torn Luhansk and Donetsk with Red Cross supervision just decided to stop waiting and enter the country, according to The New York Times.

Moscow is saying the Ukrainians were callously delaying aid, Kiev is saying this is an invasion. What's really happening? We don't know.


The trucks could be secretly carrying weapons and supplies to the rebel forces smuggled amid food and medicine. They could be going into position to evacuate Russian forces out of the country once they drop aid.

It's also entirely possible that they're just humanitarian goods and Putin is trying to provoke a response, as Ukraine's military spokesman alluded to:

“This is a provocation,” Colonel Lysenko said. “They expect us to attack the convoy.” He added that Ukrainian forces would allow the convoy to reach Luhansk because “it is easy to shoot but the consequences would be very destructive.” He said Ukraine would adopt a different approach if it turned out that, after reaching Luhansk, the convoy “has other equipment, not just humanitarian aid.”

I mean, I could think of stupider reasons to start a war.

At the same time NATO says the Russians are actively shelling forces inside Ukraine which is, you know, basically tantamount to war.


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basically tantamount to war? NATO is saying that Russian Army forces, under Russian flag, have moved on to Ukrainian soil to shell Ukrainian forces. How is that different from war?