This C-17A Did NOT Like Being Woken Up On A Cold Morning!

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This C-17A Globemaster III had an explosive engine malfunction upon startup at Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio yesterday, with one of the big jet's F117-PW-100 turbofan engines (the military cousin to the engine use don the 757) erupting into flames.


The crew quickly shut the engine down and executed engine fire-procedures while Wright Patterson's fire department was on site quickly to extinguish the fire, saving the nearly $200M aircraft. Still, substantial areas of the jet's wing were charred from the blaze.

A spokesperson for the 445th Airlift Wing located at Wright Patterson stated that the damage was estimated at $300k, while a report from Wright Patterson's Fire Emergency Services states the damage at a whopping $1.5M. Expensive for sure, but way cheaper than ordering a replacement.

Source: WDTN news.

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The $1.5M estimate was from the dealer wasn't it?