Watch One Of Our Foxtrot Alpha Readers Refuel His B-1B Behind A KC-135R

Foxtrot Alpha reader 'B-1 Pilot' sent over this awesome video showing what it is like refueling a B-1B 'Bone' via a KC-135R over Afghanistan. You can see that the first connect resulted in sheet of fuel-spray covering the windscreen, the second worked better.


The hand-eye coordination to make a regular feat like this happen is just bewildering.

Just as a bonus, here is another one of 'B-1 Pilot's' videos showing what cloud surfing in a quarter of a million pound, supersonic swing-wing bomber is like:

A Big thanks to B-1 Pilot for sending us these awesome videos. Keep safe over Afghanistan and please, send more!


Tyler Rogoway is a defense journalist and photographer who maintains the website Foxtrot Alpha for You can reach Tyler with story ideas or direct comments regarding this or any other defense topic via the email address

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Goddamn it Tyler. You fucking made me break down and sign up for a Kinja account, just so I could tell you how much I love this goddamned blog. Between this shit, the B-52 shit, and the mother of all shit - the SR-71 shit - I couldn't take it anymore.

Seriously, though. Thanks.