New Footage Appears To Show Deadly Navy Blue Angels Crash

“Oh shit,” exclaims the onlooker. via Matthew Burns/YouTube
“Oh shit,” exclaims the onlooker. via Matthew Burns/YouTube

Last week, U.S. Navy Blue Angels pilot Jeff Kuss tragically died when his F/A-18 Hornet crashed in Smyrna, Tennessee. Now there’s new footage from an onlooker that appears to show what led up to the crash.


We’ve already seen images of plumes of smoke resulting from last week’s Navy Blue Angels crash, which occurred during training for an air show. But now there appears to be footage from bystanders showing what happened immediately prior to the wreck:

The video seems to show Kuss’s aircraft climbing rapidly, and then quickly diving down below the trees and out of sight. Within seconds, a massive cloud of black smoke rises from over the tree-line.

As the people watching the jets from below try to comprehend what they had just witnessed, emergency vehicle sirens blare and the video cuts out.

Though it may not be a particularly revealing video to you and me, hopefully expert investigators will be able to use it to understand the cause of this tragic incident.

h/t: The Drive

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This fucking sucks. What a horrible situation. That guy’s family... geez. I don’t even want to start to think about how they must be feeling right now.

It also looks like he was trying to crash in a certain area in order to avoid casualties on the ground. The crash pictures show it being in between a few structures. If that’s the case, then this guy is an absolute hero and he needs to be honored in every way possible. But even if not, it’s a tragic loss and he lost his life by doing a job he knew was dangerous, but he did it to make others happy. That’s a great person in and of itself. RIP, Capt. Kuss.