Why Is This C-130 Circling Manhattan? [UPDATE]

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There’s a C-130 circling New York City right now. Why?


No one knows. Rest assured, however, that it is “not normal,” according to one aviation reporter who knows about such things.


We have an email in to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, which has a bunch of C-130s, and will update with our findings.

UPDATE: Aviation blogger Jason Rabinowitz thinks it may be from a local Air National Guard rescue team, based out of a small airport 80 miles east of New York City:


We’ve left a message with the 102nd Rescue Squadron and 106th Rescue Wing and will update with more information as we have it.

Our national nightmare is not yet entirely over.

UPDATE #2: Apparently the 106th has confirmed that the C-130 is indeed one of theirs:


While Colonel Broccoli has not gotten back to us personally – despite our calls, emails, and tweets (even tweets!) – Joint Base McGuire did get back to us, and is saying that the C-130 isn’t theirs. I think it’s safe to declare this one over.

Go back to your lives.

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Obviously someone got an 11 killstreak.