Aliens Are Still Probably Real And Here's Another UFO Video From The Navy To Prove It

Remember when we found out the government spent millions of dollars on a program that discovered mysterious inexplicable metal alloys and concluded that aliens were probably real back in a New York Times report from December? If you need a reminder, here’s another UFO intercept video from the Navy.


The video comes courtesy of the alien investigation organization To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, where the former head of the U.S. government’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Luis Elizondo, now works.

According to the details of the video, which is reportedly from 2015, the Navy F/A-18 jet was engaged in a right turn while intercepting the unidentified flying object, which was streaking above the water with no visible wings or signs of a combustion engine 4.4 nautical miles away. You can hear the pilots appropriately losing their minds.

TTSAAS’s Elizondo is the guy who keeps saying stuff like these Navy and Air Force videos are just the tip of the iceberg to news organizations like CNN, which should be freaking everybody the fuck out, but for some reason nobody seems to care!

The organization has so far only released one other video of UFO intercept footage from 2004 and an interview with that pilot, as pointed out and featured over on Popular Mechanics.

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Set aside the whole “is there / isn’t there” debate for a moment.

I am 100% certain intelligent life hasn’t reached earth in the past. The proximity of earth to another planet capable of sustaining life is so great, that the other civilization would need to be like a billion years ahead of humans in science and technology (slight exaggeration, more like hundreds of millions, but the point stands.)

As fun as all these Star ___ shows are, they are completely implausible. How did the other civilizations develop, were they created by a higher power also, or did they evolve? If they evolved, how did they get so far ahead of us? Scientists can’t even definitively prove we evolved because the timeline doesn’t work (because we didn’t evolve, but that’s another debate)

Next, how does their space craft work? To fly in our atmosphere there has to be some sort of propulsion. We know all the Elements that exist on earth, and we can project the qualities of any new elements that might exist in other places (spoilers, any new elements we don’t have will be highly unstable, and thus not at all helpful) and there is no such thing as alien alloy. We have every possible combination already made. Same for fuel. There aren’t any big breakthroughs left. Being able to scale down a reactor might happen eventually, but that will just solve the clean energy problem, not the space travel problem.

I have a chemistry degree and an extream love of science fiction, but after nearly 2 decades of absorbing every weird science theory, or “new breakthrough” I firmly belive it’s just that...FICTION. It’s just not possible for intelligent life to be visiting us on earth. Let alone sneaking around without everyone on the planet knowing it.

That said. The US government and their contractors have a history of testing new things years before they become public. Also China has scientists who are equal to, if not more intelligent, than what we have. Plus Asians are super creative, so you know they are sitting on some pretty fantastic stuff.

Who better to test top secret equipment on then your best fighter pilots? If you can out run or out wit them then you can probably sneak it by a weary, malnourished North Korean or ISIS fighter.

My final point is that I know several men who were very high ranking military officials. Guys who were in the know. And not a single one of the believes in aliens. They will all freely admit that this video and every other legitimate UFO is nothing more than some crazy “futuristic” weapon getting spotted. One of them, even told me that everyone in the know enjoys when one of these videos gets out and all the UFO speculation that gets ignited because it adds to the shock and awe. He even went so far as to say that that Area 51 is possibly the greatest propaganda weapon ever created, and that they would occasionally stage things around there to reignite the speculation. Why? Because foreign governments spend thousands of man hours trying to decode all those wackjob theories into usable intelligence while the US hides their real secrets in much less obscure places. It’s just like any good magician does. They distract you from the important stuff