Hardcore Trump Fans Will Be the Ones Picking Out the Space Force Logo

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The Space Force, an idea from President Donald Trump widely considered dumb and unnecessary by the rest of the American defense establishment, is set to be the sixth branch of the United States military. But before it can be a real thing (and let’s be honest, this train can still be stopped), it needs a logo. And instead of making a government commission or a getting a team of experts to figure it out, President Trump has decided to let the most tremendous thinkers in the world figure it out--his biggest fans.

President Trump’s stated Twitter thoughts have so far mostly been limited to just yelling SPACE FORCE a lot:


But if it is to be a real thing, it’s going to need a lot more than guttural screams. It’s going to need style! Pizzazz! And large amounts of duplicative government funding despite the fact that the U.S. Air Force already handles a lot of this stuff! But also a logo! So the Donald Trump super PAC, also known as the Make America Great Again Committee, sent out an email asking its supporters to vote on six designs, as first spotted by Vice reporter (and former Gizmodo staffer) Eve Peyser:

A lot of these look like blatant cribs of either the current NASA logo, or posters NASA had artists create for it already from its Visions of the Future series. And it’s extremely weird that only those who have signed up for emails from the Trump campaign were invited to vote, and as Peyser pointed out, it’s extremely weird yet on-brand that the Trump campaign has decided to literally make money off of this thing.

But, whatever. The USAF has only had an official logo since 2000, and nobody seems to care about that, either.

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Guys, I hate to break it to you, but the most perfect Space Force logo has already been created:

You’re welcome.