You Have $4 Million, Do You Buy A Bugatti Veyron SS Or MiG-29UB?

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What does four million bones buy someone with a massive velocity addiction? How about an ultra rare Bugatti Veyron Super Sport or a Cold War vintage Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum that's now for sale. But which one should you buy?


The MiG-29 was one muscular beast even in its first iterations, and it still remains an extremely formidable opponent in a "knife fight" against more modern fighters. With its jaw drop instantaneous turning ability, wicked fast dash capability and eye watering climb performance, the MiG-29 was something that western fighter pilots would avoid seeing with their own eyes if at all possible. In a "knife fight" she was incredibly dangerous, especially when paired with her old school helmet mounted sight and AA-11 "Archer" missiles.

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The Bugatti Veyron SS is known as the fastest production car in the world, topping out at 267.8mph. Although there was some controversy during its world record runs, the supercar maker did produce five out of the 50 Super Sports without a governor.

These ultra rare cars are capable of hitting that aforementioned magic number, the other 45 production examples are limited to "only" 258mph. The Veyron SS may be the road performance king, but you will also feel pretty damn royal inside of its luxurious race inspired interior. Simply put, the Bugatti family already has the best seat in the house when it comes to motorsports hierarchy, and the Super Sport sits proudly at the head of the table.

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Seeing as both a MiG-29 and a Veyron SS are for sale right now at pretty similar price points, let's break it down to the basics so that we can make the right decision and get the most out of the four million greenbacks burning a hole in our theoretical pockets:


  • Veyron SS: 8L W-16 with four turbos
  • 4X MiG-29: 2 Klimov RD-33 turbofans

Engine Output:

  • Veyron SS: 1200 hp
  • MiG-29: 36,600 lbs of thrust


  • Veyron SS: 4,052 lbs
  • MiG-29: 24,000 lbs

Top Speed:

  • Veyron SS: 267.8
  • MPH MiG-29: 810MPH sea level, 1475MPH at altitude


  • Veyron SS: (0-60mph) 2.4 seconds
  • MiG-29: (rate of climb) 60,000 ft/min

Fuel Capacity:

  • Veyron SS: 26.4 US Gallons
  • MiG-29: 1100 US Gallons

Econ. Range On Single Tank:

  • Veyron SS: about 400 miles
  • MiG-29: about 800 miles

Cost To Fill Up Assuming $4.50 Gas:

  • Veyron SS: $120
  • MiG-29: $4,950

MPG at cruise:

  • Veyron SS: 15.9 mpg
  • MiG-29: about .74mpg

Time Till Empty At Maximum Performance:

  • Veyron SS: 10mins
  • MiG-29: 14 minutes

G Load:

  • Veyron SS: +1.09 horizontal, +1.4 lateral
  • MiG-29: +9 vertical


  • Veyron SS: 2 seated abreast
  • MiG-29: 2 seated tandem


  • Veyron SS: black carbon & tangerine
  • MiG-29: blue & gray camo, bort #37 RED

Cost For Annual Inspection:

  • Veyron SS: $20,000
  • MiG-29: $20,000


  • Veyron SS World Record Edition: 1 of 5
  • MiG-29UB: about 200 airframes


  • Veyron SS: 2 years old
  • MiG-29UB: 28 years old


  • Veyron SS: 300 miles
  • MiG-29: 818hrs since new, 118hrs since full overhaul


  • Veyron SS: Airbag, racing seats, stability control
  • MiG-29: K-36D Ejection Seats

Aero braking:

  • Veyron SS: Variable Geometry Spoiler
  • MiG-29: clamshell Air brake

Rearward Visibility:

  • Veyron SS: Sucks
  • MiG-29: Sucks

Unique cost:

  • Veyron SS: $12k per tire
  • MiG-29: Years of training or hire a fighter pilot


  • Veyron SS: $3.5M
  • MiG-29UB: $4.65M

So now that the comparatives are all laid out, which one of these legendary brutes would you blow your $4M on in a desperate attempt to ease your velocity crack cravings?


(Hat tip to Nick!)


That is easy if it is just the MiG or the Bug to choose from.

Now, if we have more choices...

A B-25 can be had for around $1.5M

You can get a F-5B for $2.6M if you are looking for much of the same fun for less bucks.…