North Korea Just Had Its Most Successful Missile Launch Yet

President Trump has rotated between saying that a “major, major” conflict with North Korea is possible and that he “would be honored” to meet North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. On Sunday, North Korea did what it usually does when it’s unsure of what’s going on and tested another missile. The launch went pretty well.

NYU Left A Secret Encryption-Busting Computer Project Exposed On The Internet By Mistake

It’s pretty rare for the public to know what America’s intelligence and military agencies are working on, because they do everything in their power to keep it secret. Obviously. But, for reasons unknown, a server at New York University’s Institute for Mathematics and Advanced Supercomputing left exposed confidential…


Only One Country Has Ever Voluntarily Given Up Its Nukes

You rarely—if ever—hear “South Africa” and “nuclear weapons” mentioned in the same breath. That’s, of course, because South Africa doesn’t have any nukes. But the history behind why it is the only country to have ever built its own nuclear weapons, and then voluntarily relinquished them, reveals what motivates a…