A Very "Intimate" View Of The Navy's New Star, The P-8 Poseidon

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Photographer David Cherkasov agreed to share with us this incredibly detailed view of the Navy's new multirole sub-hunter, sea control, attack and information, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon.


This aircraft has become the star of the MH370 search that has been tattooed on our televisions for the last two weeks or so. Meant to replace the Navy's venerable turboprop powered P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, the jet powered Poseidon also brings many new capabilities to the table, one of which is speed. In many ways the P-8 is the first new platform of a series of emerging weapons and sensor platforms that are meant to revolutionize the way the US Navy does business.

Although the P-8 is based on the 737-800 airliner, it has been greatly modified to fulfill its multitude of military roles. Modifications, or "mods," seen on the P-8 in this shot include additional electronic generators (lumps on motor nacelles), auxiliary cooling inlets, trap door FLIR turret, missile launch detectors, electronic service measures and integrated electronic warfare apertures, sonobuoy deployment tubes, DIRCM turret below the tail, outboard wing hard-points, and most notably, a spacious weapons bay. If you see additional modifications feel free to mention them in the comments section and I will add them to the list!


For more of David's outstanding photography, which spans the globe, click here!.

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For Sweden

I'm going to speculate that flying the P-8 is one of the best gigs in the US Navy.

You get to be a pilot, you don't live on a ship, you're flying missions that aren't cargo/personnel transport, and when you get out, you can put 737 flight hours on your résumé.