Remember when we found out the government spent millions of dollars on a program that discovered mysterious inexplicable metal alloys and concluded that aliens were probably real back in a New York Times report from December? If you need a reminder, here’s another UFO intercept video from the Navy.

The video comes courtesy of the alien investigation organization To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, where the former head of the U.S. government’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, Luis Elizondo, now works.

According to the details of the video, which is reportedly from 2015, the Navy F/A-18 jet was engaged in a right turn while intercepting the unidentified flying object, which was streaking above the water with no visible wings or signs of a combustion engine 4.4 nautical miles away. You can hear the pilots appropriately losing their minds.


TTSAAS’s Elizondo is the guy who keeps saying stuff like these Navy and Air Force videos are just the tip of the iceberg to news organizations like CNN, which should be freaking everybody the fuck out, but for some reason nobody seems to care!

The organization has so far only released one other video of UFO intercept footage from 2004 and an interview with that pilot, as pointed out and featured over on Popular Mechanics.

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