B-1 Bomber Buzzes Sturgis Bike Rally, Redefines The Term "Loud Exhaust"

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Sturgis, South Dakota gets very loud this time of year as thousands of motorcycles pack the historic town. Yet even on this, the 75th anniversary of the Mecca of all bike rallies, the loudest vehicle to cruise the strip was the mighty B-1B Lancer bomber, of which many are based not so far from Sturgis at Ellsworth Air Force Base.


On August 4th, which was armed services appreciation day for the rally (which just concluded last Sunday) and as such, America’s loudest aircraft loomed over the crowd and showed even the most hardcore chopper aficionado what exhaust noise is all about.

Let’s see your Harley do that.

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I grew up in Abilene. B-1s are a common sight, but I remember one particular flyover from a pair of Bones over some downtown parade that set off every car alarm in a 3 mile radius. Nothing beats a B-1 flyover.