Canadian Army Soldiers Parody The Lonely Island With "I'm On A LAV"

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I'm On A Boat was a cultural pop culture phenomenon back in 2009 and apparently it still is up in Canada. A group of Canadian Army LAV3 crews decided it would be funny to do their own version, aptly named I'm On A LAV. The Light Armored Vehicle III is the staple armored vehicle in the Canadian military, with this video be shot around Canadian Forces Base Wainwright.

Video remakes from military forces in the field have become their own cultural phenomenon over the last decade and a half of warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, I think this remake of Greased Lightning wins the gold.


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Fort Wainwright Air Base

Fort Wainwright is a U.S. Army post in Alaska.

I'm guessing this is CFB Wainwright near Wainwright, Alberta, Canada.

CFB = Canadian Forces Base

AB = the official abbreviation for the Province of Alberta