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In some places around the globe, including the Middle East, Afghanistan, some parts of the Balkans, India and Latin America, and probably Texas, firing into the air may be a celebratory tradition, but it can also be deadly. For instance, after the Gulf War, there were 20 deaths from falling bullets fired in celebration in Kuwait alone.


That is why this video, of which the circumstances are less than clear, is just ridiculous. Bullets fired into the air vertically return to the earth at terminal velocity which can cause injury or death, those fired at an angle are even more deadly. So if I were one of these guys, I would watch the automatic weapons fireworks from the safety of my SUV.


Celebratory gunfire is common at weddings in some middle eastern cultures, and the practice has ended horribly on some occasions in war zones such as Afghanistan. Some celebratory machine gunners even have a knack for the creating art with their tracer fire, like this hopeless romantic:

So next time you are at a wedding in Kandahar, or a crowning in Saudi Arabia, make sure to remember that what goes up must come down, and take appropriate precautions!

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