Charter Plane Full Of Americans Ordered To Land In Iran

A contract flight supporting US led operations in Afghanistan was on its way from Bagram AB in Afghanistan to Dubai when Iranian air traffic controllers alerted them to turn around and file a correct flight plan. The aircraft did not have the fuel to turn back so it was ordered to land at Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf.


The Washington Post reports one hundred Americans were on the flight, as well as two Canadians. It is not clear whether the aircraft was escorted by Iranian fighter aircraft, or just the threat of an interception was made.

The aircraft was being operated by Fly Dubai, a regional charter that operates a growing fleet of 737s which has been a known contractor for the US military and other western armed forces operating in the region.

It remains unclear what cargo was on-board the aircraft and who exactly the passengers were beyond their nationality. Additionally, it is not currently known if a flight plan error was really the reason for ordering the aircraft to land on Iranian soil.

The flight is on the ground now, and is hoped to be cleared to make the flight from Bandar Abbas to Dubai, which is just a short hop over the volatile Straits of Hormuz.


Photo by Arsenikk/Wikipedia

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