Check Out The Blue Angels' Picture-Perfect Super Bowl Flyover From Inside the Cockpit

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Lady Gaga’s rendition of the National Anthem sung last Sunday at the start of Super Bowl 50 has been widely reviewed as one of the best ever. During the crescendo, the Blue Angels added a little backup noise as they screamed over Levi Stadium in their iconic diamond formation. Now we can see what this emotional moment looked like from inside the Blue Angels cockpits.

Here is the perspective from the field below:

It was a unique nexus of extreme talent and outright patriotism and was the highlight of the game for some of us.


Oh, and for the obligatory commenters who will bitch about the cost—this put the Navy out very little. The Blues were already in California undergoing their winter training at NAF El Centro and these timed flybys are fantastic practice for their upcoming show season that kicks off in March.

Also, it’s the Super Bowl. A 30 second ad costs $5 million, so the exposure and recruitment opportunity is a comparative bargain.


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I have always wondered why Blue Angel pilots do not wear oxygen masks, but Thunderbird pilots do. Does anyone know why? I’ve searched and not been able to find out why.