Check Out This Awesome Aerial 360º Image Of The Department Of Defense's Boneyard

Aerial Sphere, a company that uses 360 degree photography in an aerial format, took this awesome image high over Davis Monthan Air Force Base and its sprawling boneyard ran by the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG). You can spin the image in every direction and zoom in wherever you like, it’s pretty awesome.


Check out AerialSphere here, as they already have the majority of Phoenix mapped with 360º images like these and they seem to be expanding. 360 photography and video has become increasingly popular in the aviation community, providing virtual tours of cockpits and even virtual ride-alongs in fighter aircraft. Once Virtual Reality headsets become just another fixture in most people’s homes, this technology should really, well, takeoff.


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Paul Bryant

Am I the only one thats wants to live there as a hermit?