Seven people were injured when a Chinese J-10B fighter jet crashed in a suburban district of Chengdu, a typical small Chinese city of over 14 million residents.

Specifically, the Chengdu J-10B fighter crashed two days ago in Pitong Town, the administrative seat of Pi County, a few miles outside of Chengdu's city center.

British intelligence site Jane's reports that the jet crashed into a newly-build residential area only a few miles from Chengdu Aircraft Corporation's headquarters. CAC makes the J-10B.

Three of the seven people injured suffered serious burns. The pilot ejected safely before the crash. Here is a somewhat terrifying video of the burning wreck, people scrambling to get everything sectioned off.

Jane's also points out that the jet was painted yellow, indicating it was either a new vehicle or a development craft of some kind.


The engine of this crashed jet gets some attention. Chinese media claims it's a Russian Saturn AL-31FN turbofan, though China is trying to develop their own replacement.


Photo Credits: Jane's claims these photos are from "Chinese Internet," which is less than specific, but I can't find any other credits for them.