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The last film in our It’s A Conspiracy film series is Alan J. Pakula’s great The Parallax View and we’ll be showing it at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn on Tuesday, August 11th at 7:30 PM. Warren Beatty plays a handsome, tough reporter trying to solve a conspiracy. We don’t have Beatty, but we’ve got Gawker’s John Cook and Sam Biddle. Get your tickets now. Or else.


Can a good reporter get to the bottom of any story? Is a lone gunman ever really alone? Why wasn’t Paula Prentiss ever more of a thing?

What better duo to end our conspiracy film series than John Cook and Sam Biddle? John Cook is currently the interim Executive Editor of Gawker Media and former Investigations Editor for Gawker Media and editor and reporter at The Intercept and Gawker. Sam Biddle has been at the center of many of Gawker’s biggest investigations and was voted “Employee most likely to get in a tussle on the Space Needle.”


Get your tickets before the show sells out!

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