F-16 Pilots Lament Their Predator Drone Flying Fate In This Rap Video

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The moral and social ambiguities of fighting a war from inside an air-conditioned trailer and what it means to be a combat pilot are hot issues again as the action drama Good Kill gets closer to widespread release. Yet these F-16-turned-Predator pilots took to their creative side to describe how much they hate their new job.


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I was proud to be an early plankholder in the UAS community. Yes, I missed traditional flying, but I also knew that my job was valuable and contributing to the greater effort. I was fortunate to be intimately involved with the development of WILDFIRE and the Hellfire test and integration too, and that was exciting times. More importantly, having come from the SOF community, I knew about adversity firsthand. There was a saying in the community...."embrace the suck".....meaning that it the conditions ARE going to suck....deal with it...embrace it...and move on......Something these white-scarffed, zipper suited sun god posers don't seen to understand.