Fly Through The Night With The Shadowhawks In Their E/A-18G Growlers

The VAQ-141 "Shadowhawks" are an EA-18G Growler squadron based with the vast majority of the Navy's Electronic Attack Squadrons on paradisiacal
Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest. Wars don't sleep and neither does Naval Aviation, the Shadowhawks included, luckily they have shared some of the eerily beautiful visuals that aircrews see while working the night shift.

Here is a bonus low-level video showing a Shadowhawks Growler fly VR-1355. Lauded as one of the best low-level routes in the US, it starts up in the Olympic Mountain Range near NAS Whidbey Island and snakes its way down to the Columbia River and into Northern Oregon. Snow-capped peaks, waterfalls and deep canyons are all sights to be seen and obstacles to be avoided on low-level visual route VR-1355.

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