Grumman Hellcat Or SRT Hellcat: Which Is Truly The Greatest Hellcat?

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One was the premier US carrier-borne fighter of WWII that epitomized the term "Grumman Iron," the other is the massively powerful pinnacle of Dodge's muscle car heritage. So let's compare the raw data, Hellcat vs Hellcat, and see how close these heavy hitting American icons truly are to one another.



SRT Hellcat: By Chrysler in Brampton, Canada

F6F Hellcat: By Grumman at Bethpage, New York

First Model Year:

SRT Hellcat: 2015

F6F Hellcat: 1942


SRT Hellcat: L- 16.5ft W- 6.3ft H-4.6ft

F6F Hellcat: L- 33.6ft W- 42.8ft H- 13.1ft


SRT Hellcat: Supercharged 6.2L HEMI V-8, 90-degree V-type, liquid-cooled

F6F Hellcat: Pratt & Whitney R-2800-10W air cooled "Double Wasp" two-row radial engine with a two-speed, two-stage supercharger


SRT Hellcat: 8

F6F Hellcat: 18

Engine Output:

SRT Hellcat: 707hp

F6F: Hellcat: 2,000hp

Top Speed:

SRT Hellcat: 199MPH (est)

F6F Hellcat: 380MPH

Curb/Ramp Weight:

SRT Hellcat: 4,500lbs (est)

F6F Hellcat: 9,500lbs

Acceleration/Rate of Climb:

SRT Hellcat: 1/4 mile at about 11 seconds

F6F Hellcat: 3,500ft per minute

Takeoff Distance:

SRT Hellcat: About 200 feet to reach 60mph

F6F Hellcat: About 750 feet

Enhanced Stopping:

SRT Hellcat: Upgraded power brake booster and the next-generation ABS 100 anti-skid braking system

F6F Hellcat: Retractable tailhook

Fuel Capacity:

SRT Hellcat: 18.5 Gallons

F6F Hellcat: 250 Gallons (700 gallons with three 150 gallon drop tanks)

Fuel Type:

SRT Hellcat: Premium Gasoline/92 octane

F6F Hellcat: 100LL Avgas

Economy Range:

SRT Hellcat: 370 miles

F6F Hellcat: 750 miles (internal fuel), 1550 miles (with external fuel)

Cost To Fill Up:

SRT Hellcat: $75 @ $4 per gallon

F6F Hellcat: $1,500 internal fuel, $4,200 w/max external fuel @ $6 per gallon

Fuel Economy:

SRT Hellcat: 20MPG

F6F Hellcat: 3MPG clean, about 2.25MPG with external fuel tanks

Fuel Cost Per Hour Economy Cruising:

SRT Hellcat: $14

F6F Hellcat: $480

Time Till Empty Running At Max Sustainable RPM:

SRT Hellcat: About 13 Minutes

F6F Hellcat: About one hour

Cost For Service:

SRT Hellcat: Oil Change $180, tune up $525

F6F Hellcat: Annual Inspection: $15k, cost for engine rebuild $55k


SRT Hellcat: Five

F6F Hellcat: One


SRT Hellcat: 1200 cars (est 1st model year)

F6F Hellcat: 7 in airworthy condition

Full Coverage Insurance:

SRT Hellcat: $1,200 per year

F6F Hellcat: $60,000 per year


SRT Hellcat: Whatever you can fit in the glove box (with the proper permit!)

F6F Hellcat: 6 x 0.5 inch Browning machine-guns with 400 rounds per gun and under-wing attachments for six rockets and up to 2,000 lbs of bombs


Win To Loss Ratio:

SRT Hellcat: Yet to be determined at the track and on the street

F6F Hellcat: 19:1 during WWII


SRT Hellcat: $60,000 base

F6F Hellcat: $35,000 (1945), about $2M as a warbird today

So what will it be, F6F Hellcat or SRT Hellcat? Both are big and brutish pieces of American engineering, and neither come cheap. But consider what you get for the cost and they both seem like a relative bargain. The F6F was meant to tear apart Zeros and Kate torpedo bombers while the SRT Hellcat was meant to destroy super-tuned imports and every other muscle car at the drag strip. Either way, winning is worth its weight in iron, steel and currency, and both will impose flag-waving patriotism and American values on all those who dare to oppose them.

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