Happy Star Wars Day From Foxtrot Alpha

Happy Star Wars Day Jalopniks! Oh and if you like fast jets and all things from a galaxy far far away and a time long ago then you have to make it out to the El Centro Air Show where the 501st Storm Trooper Legion goes all out bringing the movie alive just miles from where some of its scenes were filmed.

I see a lot of cool stuff shooting on military bases throughout the year, but I have to say, NAF El Centro may not be the biggest air show in the US but it has the most heart and the fact that you will see tons of Star Wars characters marching around makes it that much cooler. Every year the whole cast escorts the NAS Fallon search and rescue MH-60S as it is towed to the active ramp. An Imperial March for the Imperial valley if you will...

May the force be with all of you on this special day!

photo credit Tyler Rogoway