Here's North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, looking like the happiest boy in the world in his Romeo-class submarine. North Korea was assembling these noisy boats from kits up until as late as 1995, but the truth of the matter is, the Romeo-class design is pure 1950s Soviet vintage.


A 1950s-era submarine is basically useless against any modern navy, but that hasn't stopped Kim Jong-Un for being a proud daddy to all these subs that are, essentially, older than him.

But the design of these rustbuckets is also older than a lot of things. So here's a list of things that were created after the first Romeo-class sub was ever introduced into service, in 1957:

1) Barack Obama

2) The Ford Mustang

3) The Moon landings

4) The Republic of Zimbabwe

5) The word "aerospace"

6) Duck Dynasty

7) Jorts

8) Your parents (?)

9) Elvis Presley's army career

10) The Second Vatican Council

11) The F-4 Phantom, which has been retired from American combat service since 1996


12) Greg Oden, I know, I was surprised, too

13) Diet soda

14) CarMax

15) ZIP codes

16) Canada's first satellite, Alouette 1

17) Led Zeppelin

18) Amtrak

19) Disney World

20) The world's first microprocessor, the Intel 4004

North Korea's submarines are old.

Think you know of some other old stuff that's still younger than the Romeo-class submarine? Drop it in the comments below.


Photos credit: Korea Central News Agency

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