Here's Every Single American Combat Vehicle In One Huge Graphic

Ever lose track of the simply staggering variety of vehicles in the U.S. military? Ever find yourself going “Wait... what was that bitchin’ six-wheeled heavy armored ambulance again?” Worry no more, because Pop Chart Lab has come up with the most comprehensive chart of American military vehicles that I’ve ever seen. And now it’s in poster form.


For the record, that apocalyptic ambulance is known as the RG-33L HAGA, and the U.S. government has 16 of them. And this poster not includes that, but everything from the F-22 stealth fighter jet to the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen based Interim Fast Attack Vehicle, or IFAV, which may or may not have been replaced by the M1161 Growler, depending on who you ask, though it’s got both just in case.

It’s even got the Polaris MRZR, which technically isn’t even in official service yet.

Seriously, I spent the better part of a half hour going, “Yeah, well what about...” before getting shut down by this poster. It’s even got all the little robots the military uses for bomb disposal, and I’m not even sure those count as vehicles. Err on the safe side, I guess.

There are 180 vehicles all in, separated in classes and sub-classes and color-coded to branch of service. Oh, and in case you’re not normally a military nerd, there’s a glossary of terms at the bottom, too.


Check out the post in its biggest resolution here, and if you want to buy it, Pop Chart Lab is selling the poster for $35.

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