Illustration for article titled Watch Kenny Loggins Enter Danger Zone As Massive Chopper Lands On Beach

An enormous US Marine CH-53 helicopter was forced to land on a beach near San Diego yesterday after it encountered an oil problem. The fact that the crew was able to land on the beach is nothing short of amazing, and the video is incredible, but possibly even better was that Kenny Loggins was there.


First, the beach landing:

But now, onto the real meat. Kenny Loggins. The Kenny Loggins. Acclaimed yacht-rock aficionado Kenny Loggins. Looking like somebody's hip-Dad, with a synthetic green pullover. On the beach when the helicopter landed.


And he actually said he was in the Danger Zone.

Kenny Loggins shoots everything in portrait mode. Don't believe me? Dude composed the theme song to Caddyshack. And that whole movie was in portrait mode.

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