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At least 26 people are dead, and at least 142 injured, after terrorists detonated explosives in multiple attacks across Brussels, Belgium. Disturbing video from the immediate aftermath of the attacks at the airport and in the Brussels subway network shows the horror and confusion that ensued.


Warning: this video is graphic and depicts victims of a terrorist attack both living and deceased.

The video comes from the Associated Press. At least one of the explosions at the airport, reportedly just outside the security check-in, is said to have been by a suicide bomber. People can be seen crying and screaming as smoke, dust, and debris fills the terminal.


In the subway, which was hit with at least one other bomb, passengers calmly exit from a train car onto the tracks, while the automated announcement gently intones that “an incident has just occurred on the line.”

Countries and cities across the world are increasing security and vital transportation links and likely targets in response to the attacks:


Police in the United Kingdom are requesting images from the attacks, in the hopes that it will assist investigations into what happened:


We’ll update with more information as we have it.

UPDATE: The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attacks, according to Radio Free Europe:


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