How Do You Launch America's Newest $360M Ship? Like A Toy In A Bathtub.

The USS Detroit got launched on Saturday, a 3,500 ton littoral combat ship built at a cost of around $360 million. Lockheed Martin dropped the ship into the water like a toy into a bathtub.

Of course, a sideways launch for a ship this size is the norm rather than the exception, as we've seen for years.


Still, it's kind of awesome to see the Navy's newest pride hitting water like it was made of plastic. Deployment is expected next year.

Oh, and I should say that the cost figure from this ship is from the Secretary of the Navy's estimates (quoted right here), down to around $350-$360M for this last batch of littoral combat ships, down from their initial $650M speedboat prices.


Just Cars for Joe Bryant

Because of the size of the Great Lakes this is pretty much the only way you can launch a new ship in to the lakes. Now let's see how many of you are paying attention. ;-)