The Israeli Air Force is one of the most well trained and well equipped air arms force in the entire world and photographer Nir Ben Yosef visually showcases this mighty force with uncanny drama and mood.

Nir is one of the leading aviation photographers in Israel and has been documenting the IAF's remarkable aircraft and operations for well over a decade. He has flown on-board F-16s, CH-53s, Bell Jet Rangers, C-130s, Fouga jet trainers and many more aircraft in his pursuit to capture the essence of this elite fighting force.

Currently, he is part of the IAF Aerobatic Team's photo documentary project and was honored last year as being a guest speaker at the International Society of Aviation Photographers's convention in Seattle.

Nir's creative use of lighting, contrast and perspective in relation to aerospace subjects has brought him international acclaim for his work, including being published in many international aviation magazines, and rightfully so, his pictures are amazing!

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A huge thanks to Nir Ben Yosef for sharing is marvelous images with us!

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