I Can't Stop Watching This HD Video Of Nighttime Carrier Operations

This is some awesome HD footage of nighttime aircraft carrier operations aboard the USS Carl Vinson. The ship, her escorts and her embarked Air Wing (CVW-17) are operating in the Persian Gulf under Operation Inherent Resolve, the campaign against ISIS.

In the footage Hornets, Growlers, Rhinos, Hawkeyes and Seahawk helicopters can be seen during recovery operations. The Super Hornet that launches at the start of the video is one of the recovery tankers.

Tyler Rogoway is a defense journalist and photographer who maintains the website Foxtrot Alpha for Jalopnik.com You can reach Tyler with story ideas or direct comments regarding this or any other defense topic via the email address Tyler@Jalopnik.com

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these guys fly ACLS all the time now, (automated carrier landing system) ..it makes for a much better approach and landing than a manual. back in my days, NO ONE had ACLS...all approaches were manual...even the A5's.....automated systems were just coming into being....the A7 as I remember had an auto throttle where you just fly attitude and it maintained airspeed....F4, and F8's were very colorful! especially at night....GOD BLESS the advances in avionics.....