I Guess A Minigun Is What The 1979 Ford Bronco Was Missing All Along

The second-gen Ford Bronco is a great looking off-roader, but if you want to make it cooler without spending an Icon Bronco's worth of money, bolting on a Minigun might just be your answer.


On this episode of Motor Trend's Dirt Every Day, it's actually not about dirt at all but rather guns, cloth you can wear if you want to shoot at targets in the deserts just for the fun of it, night vision googles and lots of product placement.


The good news is that if you're only interested in the Bronco with Dillon Aero's M134D Minigun loaded in its back, all you need to do is skip to 17:28.

In case you choose to go for this upgrade on your Bronco (or other classic SUV), I must warn you that once again, the Taliban are way ahead of America.

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It's a 79 Bronco, technically a 3rd gen. Or first gen full size if you prefer. That body style was only 78 and 79, and the square headlights are only 79, 78 had round headlights.