Incredible Aerial Footage From Russia's 'Aviadarts' Exercise

Aviadarts 2014 saw Russia host China and Belarus for a large scale aerial gunnery, navigation, formation and reconnaissance competition. Held in late May, and taking place near the cities of Voronezh and Lipetsk, and at the Pogonovo testing range, Russia broadened the exercise into a more elaborate international training competition this year.

It seems clear that the Kremlin looks to make Aviadarts a centerpiece training opportunity for its 'closest friends,' especially as divisions with the west over Ukraine become more defined.


China brought its Su-30 advanced Flankers, and Belarus brought their Su-25s to the competition, while Russia had the mainstays on its fleet deployed, including Su-34 Fullbacks, MiG-29SMT Fulcrums, Su-24 Fencers, and an array of other aircraft including a large contingent of its helicopter forces.

An Su-24 Fencer on a bombing run, with some specacular underbelly perspectives!:


A pair of Russian MiG-29s go out for a mission:


Here is what appears to be a highly upgraded Russian Su-25 flown on a rocket attack sortie during Aviadarts '14, the UAV footage of the attack is pretty awesome:

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Is that first shot Air 1 from the UFO tv show?