John Oliver Takes On The Absurdities Related To US Drone Strikes

John Oliver's fiery diatribes have been pretty damn awesome since his weekly news show aired on HBO earlier this year. His take on unmanned aircraft air strikes conducted by the US is no different. Whether you agree with him or not, he argues his side well and gets some chuckles along the way.

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okay let me get this out of the way. I just watched the first 20 seconds and something needs to be cleared up for everyone on this article. The "drones" used by video makers and hobbyists are only "drones" by the dictionary definition of the word. In reality they are RC toys (hobbyists will kill me for using the t word) that are no threat to the general public. I hate this misinformation of calling RC planes and helicopters "drones" because this is bullshit. The word drone now automatically makes people think of large military jets raining down hell fire. Because of this it is completely unfair to call RC planes and helicopters and anything else used as a hobby a drone. It is socially engineering those that don't know about the hobby into believing it is something bad that needs to be outlawed. Just like the FAA is trying to do. This is not okay. People need to be educated on the difference between what is used in Afganistan and what people fly around in public parks or what they use to film aerial shots.