The "Outstanding Leader" visited yet another fighter jet base since his reemergence from a medical treatment on his foot last fall. This time the jets were absolutely archaic MiG-15s and they appeared to be flown by female pilots. Kim seemed anamored with the aviatrixes, giving them flowers, and even picking up the camera himself and taking some snaps of them.

Maybe the "Great General" is a budding photographer? I mean hey, there could be worse subjects to shoot than fighter pilot chicks and gorgeous antique early Soviet-era jet fighters.

Kim then appeared in the obligatory 'let's all circle around you and smile in fear at your bullshit' photo. Side note: Those flight suit jackets with the died algae green wool mega-collars have to be the ugliest flight jackets ever made. Nothing says killer ace like having Oscar The Grouch curled up around your neck.

Look at this flight suit and radio headset bonnet. It looks like a Korean War reenactment! If you showed that guy a nomex flight suit he would probably cry in amazement.

Kim Jong Un gets a close up view of his time capsule air force in action. If that MiG had 'Red Bull' painted on its side he could as well be at the Miramar Air Show!

Kim then went and 'supervised' a Korean People's Air Force pilot practicing on what appears to be the equivalent of a decent personal desktop flight simulator setup in 1998. I think they are running Microsoft Flight Simulator on that 17 inch CRT monitor. With every day that passes North Korea's technology just gets a day older. Amazing really.

The whole female fighter pilot novelty seems to have captured Kim Jong Un's fancy, as he visited another base in March of this year with quite the roster of what appeared to be female jet jocks, some of which appeared quite smitten and handsy with the "Young Master."

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