The nation was up in arms over LA's school district having three grenade launchers in its possession for over a decade. Now the district's police department is giving them up. But also, uh, they're keeping their MRAP.


I can't imagine how the meeting for this decision must have gone.

"Look, look, we can all agree that having three grenade launchers is excessive and also that this MRAP is totally badass, right?"

The LA Times explained how they actually justified the decision to keep pace with their neighbors in San Diego and hold onto a vehicle designed to sustain the explosive force of roadside explosives.

L.A. Unified says that the M-16 automatic rifles, which were modified to semiautomatic since they were acquired in 2001, are "essential life-saving items" and will continue to be available to trained officers. The armored vehicle will be used only under extraordinary circumstances, officials said.


Oh yeah, they're hanging on to no fewer than 61 rifles along with the MRAP.

The LA Times went on to speak with Deborah Fowler, deputy director of the social justice nonprofit Texas Appleseed, who pointed out that officers and security guards in schools misuse even tasers and pepper spray, disproportionally targeting students of color and those with disabilities.


Photo Credit: US Army (a Force Industries Cougar MRAP doing its thing)

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