Listen To An Egyptian Army Band Hilariously Butcher The French National Anthem

All countries have great national past times. For America, it’s baseball. For England, it’s soccer. For Egypt, it’s making world leaders sit there and listen while their national anthems are completely massacred by the Egyptian national army band. Here’s what I think is supposed to be La Marseillaise, the national anthem of France.

French President Francoise Hollande, in town to fly next to some fighter jets and sign an arms deal, had to sit there for nearly two minutes while the proud nation of Egypt insulted the noble people of France.


Hollande, of course, isn’t the first to receive such treatment. Last year the Egyptian military similarly saluted the nation of Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin:

And before that, the works of Richard Strauss:

People of Egypt, please keep inviting foreign dignitaries to your beautiful country. It’s amazing.

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