This Veterans Day you must watch this four-year-old 60 Minutes interview with Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta, a man that describes himself as a mediocre soldier, but wears the Medal Of Honor around his neck. He is the first living U.S. serviceman to receive the nation's highest honor for valor since Vietnam.

In 2007, Giunta and his squad from the 173rd Airborne Brigade were assigned to Afghanistan at a remote firebase in the horrific Korengal Valley. This austere outpost, deep in Taliban country, was notorious for its almost constant contact with the enemy.

On the night of October 25th, while heading back to their base from a tense and deadly multi-day mountain patrol, the Taliban executed a near perfect ambush on Sgt. Giunta's squad. The surprise attack resulted in multiple casualties on both sides, and one of the most outstanding acts of bravery of the entire US excursion into Afghanistan.


Thank you Staff Sergeant Giunta for showing us what selflessness and bravery truly are, and thank you to all service people who have served our nation in combat.

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