Look At This C-130 Hercules Do A Crazy-Ass Low Level Flyby In Alaska

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The C-130 is one of the most versatile aircraft ever created, and its low-level flying capabilities are well known. This video, shot somewhere in Alaska, shows the “Herkybird” doing its low-level thing in the most dramatic fashion, skimming at high-speed just feet above ground.

The C-130 shown in the video appears to belong to Lynden Air Cargo who operates a civilian variant of the type (L-382) in Alaska. They are well known to be pro Hercules operators that are capable of a whole slew of missions.


These include carrying up to 48,000 pounds of cargo and personnel into rough and highly isolated fields around the Alaska bush, and well, apparently some awesome flybys too!

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in case anyone is wondering, the blades are all messed up in the still because of rolling shutter, which scans the image sensor from top to bottom cyclically instead of taking the entire image in one chunk (global shutter) which means that high motion objects are scanned at different positions relative to their actual positions and makes for some goofy-ass stuff. Propellers in particular.