The HMMWV comes in countless guises, from up-armored urban war wagons, to Stinger missile packing air defense models, to stripped down no-frills pickup trucks. Considering the fact that the "Hummer" serves around the world with dozens of nations, form Uganda to China, it is of no surprise that many operators put their own tactical touch on this adaptable combat vehicle. Yet of all the configurations out there, possibly the coolest looking, and one of the most deadly, is Greece's M1114GR.

Greece's M1114GR Hummers have a very mottled "international" pedigree. They are based on an American design, assembled locally by military vehicle maker ELVO, up-armored via Israel's armored vehicle masters Plasan Sasa Ltd, and pack a Russian anti-tank missile. The results of this strange but deadly globe-spanning collaboration of sorts is a specialized Hummer with a futuristic appearance and a deadly punch.

The M1114GR designers, or should I say arrangers, took a "balanced approach" to survivability and mobility. Its armor can protect its occupants from small arms fire, air blasts and certain mines and buried improvised explosive devices. It also features an enhanced clamshell rear bed cover and Plasan's updated "low profile" turret hatch, but what makes the M1114GR so deadly is that is packs the proven and powerful "Kornet" anti-tank missile.


The M9113 Kornet-E is a laser guided anti-tank missile that was designed by Russian engineers to take on main battle tanks and even low flying helicopters. The missile can pack a tandem high-explosive-anti-tank (T-HEAT) or a thermobaric (concussive hot air blast) warhead. The Kornet's tandem high-explosive warhead is extremely deadly against tanks and armored personnel carriers that primarily pack reactive armor to defend themselves against attack. When the T-HEAT Kornet detonates, it first blasts through reactive armor using a secondary charge, and then sends a jet-like primary charge spewing forward into the hull of the target.

The Kornet-E has a capable and reliable guidance system. Once the target is being actively "painted" by an operator using an accompanying laser designator, witch can feature thermal optics, the Kornet is fired and can reach out almost 5 miles. The slightly lighter, but extremely deadly when used against soft targets, thermobaric warhead equipped version can fly out to over six miles before turning its targets into burnt mush.


The Kornet has been known for its rugged simplicity and effectiveness even against some of the most heavily armored vehicles ever constructed. The M114GR can pack up to ten, but usually five, Kornets in a custom armored box installation in the truck's rear bed with ample space remaining for other supplies and small arms ammunition.

Although, the M1114GR is the most deadly of Greece's Hummer contingent, other models that also feature Plasan's futuristic armor kits exist, including models that have Heckler and Koch grenade launchers or machine guns attached to the upper turret, as well as non-armed versions with raised rooflines. Still, for a wheeled vehicle that consists of intellectual and real property from a multitude of nations spanning the globe, the M1114GR is one seriously mean Hummer that even the world's best tanks should fear, and not just for its deadly handsome looks.


Pictures via public domain, ELVO, Plasan