MiG-29 'Fulcrum Drivers II" Video Is Out And It Is Marvelous

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A few months back Mike Ballaban posted one of the coolest combat aircraft videos of the year, called 'Fulcrum Drivers,' that put us right into the cockpit of the mighty MiG-29 during some jaw dropping maneuvers. Well now the Fulcrum and its master are back for 'Fulcrum Drivers II.'


In this installment we get to see the brutish MiG-29 in combat against a Eurofighter, an AA-8 'Aphid' missile launch, and some 30mm cannon firing, along with the standard beautiful formation work and cloud surfing.

The MiG-29 is Russia's hot rod of the skies. It was never meant for long-range combat but it can accelerate and turn with the best of them well over 30 years after its initial fielding. Poland continues to fly the MiG-29 in a newly modernized configuration that meets NATO standards, and the type will remain in service with the Polish Air Force until the end of the next decade.

So strap yourself tightly into a Zvezda ejection seat and prepare for a wild ride:

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