Missing F-16's Pilot Body Found In The Gulf Of Mexico

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Some unfortunate news in the Air Force world today: The body of the missing F-16 pilot out of Tyndall Air Force Base was found in the Gulf Of Mexico today, along with the general location of the stricken F-16.


CNN and other news sources have confirmed the death of the unnamed pilot.

There is no real official information available as to a possible cause of the F-16 crash or how it may affect the QF-16 program, if it was indeed one of the jets being converted into a drone. I have been told by different sources that the aircraft was on its last test flight before being certified as a QF-16 and put into the FSAT fleet.

What also remains unclear is if the pilot was a private contractor or an active USAF pilot as there is a private industry team that supports the conversion and fielding of mothballed F-16s into FSAT drones.

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Chapppyyyyy!!! (Sorry, I grew up on a steady diet of Iron Eagle)

Sad news, doubly so when these things happen in peacetime. I've seen more f-16 flights from Tyndall and Eglin than I can count. They're just bonuses to vacationing in NW FL (or if you're closer to Pensacola, the Navy T-6 and F-18).