Need An F-4 Phantom? Get On Down To Cal's Bargain Used Fighter Jet Lot

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Seriously, if you are looking for a good used F-4, you need to go see Cal. He has lightly used Phantoms, some of them with MiG kills, for outrageous prices and he is even throwing in free Sidewinders and burner can inspections and liquid oxygen top-offs for a year. Aspiring South American dictators with border problems welcome!

There are so many great lines in this video. It was clearly shot towards the end of USAF F-4E operations, a culture=shifting event for the flying force. As you can tell, F-4 drivers were a breed of their own.

I wonder what a modern version of this gag would look like today? One for the A-10 would be pretty awesome and could probably be in made in the same spirit as Cal’s bargain F-4s while making a good argument for why the A-10 is so valuable. Then again, would something like this even be possible today?

Sadly, probably not.

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Where’s his dog Spot? They must’ve been in SoCal because I grew up listening to the Go See Cal song.