Last night, an AH-64 crashed just south of Boise Airport, killing both crew on-board. The Apache crash happened at 7 PM, just two miles away from the chopper's base at Gowen Field/Boise Airport. 50-year-old Stien Gearhart and 43-year-old Jon Hartway were both killed in the crash.


Both crew were experienced Warrant Officers 4 and were assigned to the highly regarded 1-183rd Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, which flies the AH-64 Apache and the UH-60 Blackhawk.

The Apache came down at a location very close to 1-183rd's home base, in an area frequented by the Guard's helicopters for training.With open fields, an outlying airfield and its close proximity to the Apache's home base, the area ideal for basic flight proficiency practice. The Apache was built to fight in the darkness of night as much as the day, so training during the evening hours is common and constant for Apache units.

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