North Korea Debuts Kim Jong Un's "New" Plane Amidst Sad Display

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Maybe Kim Jong Un celebrates Top Gun Day too? We knew his dad loved cheesy American movies so anything is possible right? Here's North Korea's "Air Force One" and some of their amusingly lackluster air force resources.

Apparently the boy tyrant showed up to what appears to be some sort of air-to-ground rocketry contest at the People's Army's Air and Anti-Air Force Unit 447, which is said to be a training unit. The display included an AN-2 biplane rigged with rockets, a single Hughes 500 light chopper (imported from Germany by the way), a Chinese built CJ-6 basic trainer and a sole MiG-29. There are two versions of this video and it is possible that the MiG-29 section was dubbed in later for propaganda and disinformation purposes.


North Korea's MiG-29 fleet, totaling about three dozen airframes, is said to have historically very low operational readiness and all are assigned to protect Pyongyang. Some strides to keep them flying have been reported since Mr. Un took over but the effectiveness of the dated MiG-29B's and their aircrews is highly questionable.

The coolest part of the video is seeing Kim's "new" (as in new paint-job) Army Air Force One, an Ilyushin Il-62M state airliner that may have been converted for his personal use. Safety is of little concern apparently as everyone is basically standing right on the runway's edge as his Soviet-era chariot departs.

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Now this is the same Air Force that almost took over the USA in the movie "Red Dawn"?