It is unclear exactly what the circumstances of this meeting of two completely opposite wheeled vehicles were, but a collision of some sort between a PLL05 Self Propelled 120mm Mortar System and a Porsche Cayman occurred in the Chongqing Jiahua tunnel in Chongqing, China.


Of interesting note, the PLL05’s tire is about the same height as the Porsche’s roof-line! With that in mind, I would guess visibility had something to do with the accident.

In some ways, this fender bender is an interesting metaphor for where Chinese society is at politically and economically today, with the country’s heavy handed communist party that has deep military roots scraping alongside a whole new generation of Chinese that see individualism and affluence as a goal over the collective good.

Or maybe someone just didn’t look when they changed lanes. That too.

Source: Liveleak

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