Rocket Through The Majestic Cascade Mountains In An F-15E Strike Eagle

This is quite possibly the best F-15E Strike Eagle video of all time. F-15E cockpit videos are rare to begin with, but one that shows the 'Mud Hen' in its natural, low-level environment in brilliant HD is even rarer. Amazing.


VR-1355 is one of the most challenging and scenic low-level routes in the world. Starting in northern Washington and ending up in Oregon.

The aircraft shown in this marvelous video belong to the 389th 'Thunderbolts' Fighter Squadron of the 366th Fighter Wing, located at Mountain Home AFB in Idaho. Thanks a ton guys for the incredible video, and please, keep them coming!

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Detroit Velvet Smooth

Finally music from the same age as the air frame he is sitting in! Not some stupid dubstep shit. Classic rock fits these birds so much better.