Royal Air Force Denies They Drew Giant Penis In The Sky

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Albeit there has been some strange military aviation events over suburban areas as of late, what some in Moray, Scotland, think was a huge penis deliberately drawn in the sky is anything but, at least according to Royal Air Force officials.

The supposedly gargantuan phallic symbol on high appeared near Royal Air Force Base Lossiemouth, and caused multiple local residents to call the base demanding the pilot be reprimanded. Base officials subsequently looked into the sighting and responded saying that the barely suggestive contrail was actually caused by an aircraft waiting in a holding pattern to land.


According to Express, a RAF spokesman stated:

"The matter was looked into, but this is not a case of someone being silly. People sometimes look into the sky and see all sorts of things."

Those are true words, but it seems more so than not that they actually see what they want to see. City-sized puffy cloud genitals included.

Big hat tip to Issac Alexander/Jet City Star AvGeek Extraordinaire. Picture via YouTube.


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