Russian Infantry Fighting Vehicle Tows Snowboarders Through Shooting Range

Apparently the Russian military has a sense of humor and some spare fuel to burn! Somebody let these goofballs hook tow ropes to a treaded BMP-1 war machine and ride through what looks like an army training range.

I guess the business suits are supposed to play up a theme of breaking out of a cubicle for the“impassible roads” at “the heart of the shooting range” based on Ruptly’s video description.


OK, so the action peaks early on with the pyrotechnics and flaming jump. But even if the gnar-shredding isn’t legendary, the concept is hilarious. And, it fires up some of my own favorite memories of skiing behind my old Land Rover.

All you need is a snowy gravel lot, a vehicle with decent traction, some kind of rope, skis you don’t mind ruining and of course, no regard for your own safety. Give it a shot, it’s fun!*

*Don’t, it’s dangerous.

*If you do, you didn’t get the idea here. But get some better video than these guys.

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Darth Squishy

Most Russian thing I've seen in a while.